About me


Nenny’s Corner is an online photography diary of my life in Luxembourg and travels around Europe.

I started studying photography in 2014 mostly from online tutorials and books… so it’s fair to say I am self thought… and my first photos were taken with iPhone 5 (now iP6 plus).In mid 2015, I bought an Samsung WB200F, which is a nice point and shoot but soon I found out that I really needed a DSLR camera. I was lucky to find a secondhand Canon 450D  in very good condition and very affordable price. but when I saw Olympus PEN e-pl7, it was love at first sight… and I had to have it. Since, it has become my constant companion, small enough to fit in my everyday bag and powerful enough to give me beautiful photos.

My main interest is landscape, street and macro photography.

Sometimes I like to play with art editing application like Paint it now, Waterlogue, Stackables, Mextures and from my photos trying to create digital art pictures.



Please check out Nenny’s Blog for some inspirational quotes I post as messages to myself and anybody that needs them.

Copyright & Reproduction of photos
Reproduction of the content on this site is not permitted unless otherwise specified and with explicit authorization. If reproduction or use of pictures is subject to prior authorization, such authorization will annul the a fore-mentioned general authorization and will indicate clearly any possible restrictions regarding use.

2 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for this comment and both your tips, very useful….
      I downloaded this app and it looks really good; will check out the book and your blog 😃


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