Water Sky Sunset …


I went for a Sunday Walk with my dear friends from MeetUp Photo Club in Luxembourg to take some photos with my new camera Canon 450D – 18-55mm lens and here is the result………. 

So if you have a minute, tell me how do you find these photos…….

Thank you in advance. 



















15 thoughts on “Water Sky Sunset …

  1. My “other” passion besides flowers is slow shutter speeds with water. Yours are out of this world fantastic, both the slow shutter ones, and the reflective ones. You have quite the eye! I say Brava! My eyes feasted on what you have on this post. Wow! Just wow! ❤


    1. Thank you so much…. You give great compliments…
      I’m always chasing reflections and water, and let’s not forget the sky…
      Thank you again, this means I lot to me. 😃


      1. Nenny, the support I have received here on WP over the years I have been blogging, and learning from other photographers as well, has assisted me to grow in ways I did not know I possessed within me. I know what encouragement can do, because mainly that is what I do through Petals and on many other blogs too. To receive the outpouring of kindness and genuine caring as I have is such a great Gift, one I return again and again. I really Loved your work, and you have motivated me to put my thinking cap on to get to places to once again start photographing water. Where I live the creeks are disappearing, so it is getting more challenging to find rapidly moving water I require in order to photograph with slow shutter speeds. Today after I spend some time in my gardens that are such a mess from all the torrential rains we have been getting (yes even with all this rain the levels of the creeks and even Lake Erie are still decreasing!) I will go seek water in which I can later bring my camera to photograph. Keep up the great work!!! ❤

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